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Peruse our wine selection below. During the reservation process you can add upgrades to your order. Simply select the wines you’d like and we will have them at the table waiting for you.

White Wines

bolla pinot grigioBolla, Pinot Grigio – $20.00

Floral and mineral flavors and aromas in a light bodied, refreshing style, with a distinctness brought on by spicy pear at mid palate, which yields to citrus on the finish. This Pinot Grigio has the fresh, summer fruit flavors of peaches and limes, with a taste that is soft, generous and well balanced.

Jacob’s Creek ChardonnayJacob’s Creek, Chardonnay – $18.00

Melon and fresh fruit flavors complemented by subtle toasty oak that are all hallmarks of this fresh crisp variety.

fish eye pinot grigioFish Eye, Pinot Grigio – $18.00

A spirited and fresh infusion of ripe melon, apricot and white ginger with intense citrus notes of juicy red grapefruit and mineral that lingers on the finish. Great for anything that calls for some zing!

Beringer Chenin BlancBeringer, Chenin Blanc – $17.00

The sweetness, inherent in the grape, is nicely muted by the winemaker. The fresh, crisp melon, citrus and pear aromas/flavors shine through in a most pleasant way, and linger. As the wine warms a note of vanilla emerges that makes it that much more wonderful. Nice fruit balance – a perfect palate perker and picnic partner. Raise your glasses!

Schmitt Sohne RieslingSchmitt Sohne Riesling – $24.00

This medium bodied Riesling has peach and fine apple aromas, a firm and fruity palate, and crisp acidity that result in a well balanced, easy to drink wine. Is perfect as an aperitif or to complement a wide array of foods.

Carl Reh Riesling SpatleseCarl Reh Riesling Spatlese Germany $28.00

Has aromas of ripe exotic fruits and peaches. The natural sweetnes in the wine is balanced by the grape acidity to give a very fresh feel to the wine. Very Sweet!

Cassilero Del Diablo ChardonnayCassilero Del Diablo Chardonnay: Chile – $22.00

This is a crisp Chardonnay packed with tropical fruit flavors and subtle hints of vanilla. It is medium bodied with good balance and a fresh finish.

Terrazas Chardonnay ArgentinaTerrazas Chardonnay: Argentina – $24.00

Notes of ripe fruit, especially apricot and peaches, combine with further notes of honey, hazelnut and almond. These aromas are enhanced by delicate hints of vanilla, a product of its barrel ageing.

Ecco Domani Pinot GrigioEcco Domani, Pinot Grigio: Italy – $26.00

This wine has a clear, straw yellow color, with light golden reflections. A low concentration of surmaturo grapes gives the wine tropical fruit notes that make the vintage truly unique. The wine possesses pleasant floral and tropical fruit aromas, and has a light, crisp, clean and refreshing flavor, with fruit character and refined elegance.

Rex Goliath Pinot GrigioRex Goliath , Pinot Grigio: USA – $19.00

This wine expresses lovely aromatics of pear and honeydew. Bright, juicy flavors of citrus and apples that lead to a sweet mineral core. The finish is soft and lingering; thanks to a balanced acidity that carries the fruit well into the back of the palate.  

Fat-Bastard-ChardonnayFat Bastard, Chardonnay: France – $24.00

Pale golden color with green tints. Elegant and powerful on the nose with hints of vanilla, hazelnut and toast. Round and full on the palate with aromas of white flowers and vanilla.  

Leonard Kreusch RieslingLeonard Kreusch Riesling $20.00

Its flavors include pear, apple, and grapefruit. This one is just plain pleasant!    


Fetzer GewurtztraminerFetzer Gewurtztraminer $20.00

With flavors of honeyed apricots and fresh peach, it’s a secret weapon for taming spicy food.


Champagne & Sparkling Wines

barefoot bubbly brutBarefoot Bubbly Brut – $22.00

This is a dry bubbly that opens with the delightful aromas of Chardonnay and flavors of green apples and jasmine. Savor the hints of kiwi and peach while you enjoy the crisp, lingering finish.  

domaine st michelleDomaine St. Michelle – $25.00

Nicely balanced, brut is not too dry and not too sweet. This crisp and jazzy wine delivers delicate apple and citrus characteristics with a fresh , light toastiness.  

freixent brutFreixent, Brut – $26.00

This is the number one imported sparkling wine made from the finest ‘Moscato Bianco’ grapes grown in the heart of Italy. The fermentation is stopped at two thirds of its natural sugar potential. The resulting wine is low in alcohol, low in acidity, fresh, fruity and highly aromatic.

verdi raspberry spumanteVerdi, Raspberry Spumante – $15.00

A sweet and lively sparkling wine that is sure to please.    

martini rossi asti spumante

Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante – $27.00


Red Wines

Bogle pinot noirBogle Pinot Noir – $26.00

Deeply garnet in color, radiant floral notes perfume the nose. Silky and smooth on the palate, the wine resonates with wild raspberries and rustic mint.  

Casillero Del Diablo CarmenereCasillero Del Diablo, Carmenere – $22.00

This is a grape once grown in Bordeaux France until in the mid nineteenth century, but is now grown almost solely in the Rapel Valley of Chile. There are plums, chocolate, black pepper and spice on the nose. This is a well-structured wine with a mouth filling texture. Our wine buyer has found this to be an exceptional wine and believes you will too.

jacob's creek merlotJacob’s Creek, Merlot – $19.00

A medium bodied intensity, with ruby red crimson hues. This wine carries aromas of sweet berry fruits highlighted by subtle spicy tobacco leaf undertones. A merlot that plays on the tongue in a sprightly manner. Plum and berry flavors compliment the rich structure and spicy soft finish.

Turning Leaf CabernetTurning Leaf, Cabernet – $18.00

Black cherry and blackberry dominate the nose of this wine. The palate has fairly heavy tannins, giving it a silky mouth feel.

Ffish eye merlotish Eye, Merlot – $18.00

As smooth as diving into the great sea. Juicy blueberries and ripe strawberries lure the palate into a meandering river of black fruits, spicy clove and lush plum.  

yellow tail shirazYellow Tail, Shiraz – $17.00

A rich color and deep hue introduces your nose to a ripe and rich flavor. A cracked pepper and spice nose is blended with vanilla and fruit ripeness. The vanilla softness on the nose takes you into a ripe palate crammed with weight and soft, sweet oak length.  

Natura Carmenere ChileNatura Carmenere (Organic): Chile – $24.00

This wine is intense red in color. It has an attractive aroma with hints of chocolate, black fruits, toffee and spices. In the mouth there is big volume on the palate with soft round tannins and a firm, well-balanced structure.  

Wyndam Estate ShirazWyndam Estate Shiraz: Australia $24.00

A full-bodied Shiraz packed with rich plum and ripe berry fruit flavors along with a hint of spice.    

Terrazas Malbec ArgentinaTerrazas, Malbec: Argentina – $24.00

Notes of red fruit can be perceived such as raspberry, red currant and sweet plum. Further hints of vanilla and caramel, stemming from its ageing in oak barrels. Its beautifully integrated tannins make it lively and strong. Its finish is smooth and harmonious.

Nederburg Pinotage South AfricaNederburg, Pinotage: South Africa – $24.00

This Pinotage has aromas of overripe berries, rich plum and blackcurrant with an earthy undertone. The taste is an elegant medium-bodied, smooth entry wine with flavors picked up on the nose and follow through to a slight tannic finish.  

brancott pinot noirBrancott, Pinot Noir: New Zealand – $32.00

Sturdy and Lasting. This wine offers excellent dried strawberry aromas and flavors. The wine has a nose dominated by blackberry, and plum, coupled with toast and spice from the integrated oak. The palate exhibits the expressive fruit promised by the bouquet.

Ecco Domani MerlotEcco Domani, Merlot: Italy – $26.00

This Merlot displays a deep red color tinged with ruby-red reflections. It is soft and lovely in the modern red style, with aromas of well-ripened blackberry fruit. It has subtle tannins and a long, complex finish characterized by notes of spice and cherry on the palate.

Smoking Loon CabernetSmoking Loon, Cabernet: United States – $24.00

Smoking Loon is all about character; Dark plum color with a nose reminiscent of black cherries with a touch of cinnamon and cloves. This Cabernet has a touch of white pepper and dill; but finishes with notes of currants and strawberry rhubarb pie filling.  

Bogle Old Vine ZinfandelBogle Old Vine Zinfandel $26.00

Spicy and bold, this Red wine smells of fresh, ripe fruit and Malabar pepper, with the first impressions enticing you to take a sip.    

Misterio MalbecMisterio Malbec $20.00

There’s a floral element on the nose and a suggestion of walnuts and black licorice on the lingering finish.    

Trapiche CabernetTrapiche Cabernet $19.00

Touches of spice, mint, and dark fruit on the bouquet. The palate features solid red fruit flavors.  

HobNob MerlotHobNob Merlot $26

As rich as a black-currant cobbler, this Merlot screams of ripe plum and blackberry aromas mixed with hints of mint and licorice, giving way to a soft, dark finish fit for a king

Blush Wines

sutter home white merlotSutter Home White Merlot – $16.00

A bright, light red color, and sweet cherry and raspberry aromas characterize this wine. Soft, round, juicy cherry and berry flavors form structure and a full, rich texture.  

Beringer white zinfandelBeringer, White Zinfandel – $17.00

After crushing the juice is left in contact with the skins for approximately three hours to extract a light ruby hue, reminiscent of plum blossoms. A slow, cool fermentation process is used to highlight this wine’s fresh aromas and flavors of summer berries, citrus and honeydew melon.

hazlitt red catHazlitt 1852, Red Cat Blush – $18.00

America’s #1 Hot Tub Wine! Originally created in winery founders Jerry Hazlittis’ kitchen, this wine is a blend of Catawba and Baco Noir. Red Cat is rumored to aphrodisiacal qualities.  

bully bill le goat blushBully Hill, Le Goat Blush – $18.00

A blend of Seyval, Aurora, Vidal and a hint of Colobel Noir for color. A perfect picnic wine. Not only is this a wine that goes with everything, but the label serves as interesting reading…especially after you have drank the bottle of wine!