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The Latest Word on RATINGS

Okay, so here’s what you need to have a good laugh at Rainbow.

We do comedy, so we never take things too seriously.

We will be poking fun at the trouble people get into when they do take things too seriously.


  • Marriage and family
  • Religion, any and all denominations
  • Truth and untruth – watch out for the little ‘white lie’
barrel of laughs

Nothing too serious


chicken wing fight

Husbands and wives


Priests are people too


But you might hear

  • Every now and then an exasperated or surprised outburst: “Oh God!”
  • Other colorful, adult language : Damn, Hell, funny bathroom words…

After all, we are a Comedy Theatre; words are part of what makes people funny!

Our promise, every time and every show

  • We mean no harm
  • By the end of every show, the Good beats the Bad
    • Characters who try to get away with something are punished – and we laugh at it!

After all, we are only human and the mistakes we make can be hilarious

So we’re not rating each show anymore

  • We invite you to come and enjoy the laughter at Rainbow.
  • We can’t judge what content is right for you. We just want you to know what we think is funny.